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Custom car seat covers in Europe
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Honda Accord 8 2007 - 2013
PRO premium - 299 eur ( 5 seats)
High quality seat covers in ECO leather. The average service life is 3-5 years. Wear resistance 100000times. Carefully and refined and repeat the anatomy of a particular car model. The seat covers do not interfere with the work of AIRBAG. Possibility to choose a pattern and your own design - +50 eur: rhombus, double rhombus, honeycomb, sports stripes and more. Warranty al. 2 years
+50 eur
BEIGE 1007.jpg
BLACK-BROWN 2584.jpg
BROWN 2597.jpg
BLACK 0500.jpg
DARK RED 2592.jpg
DARK GRAY 7363.jpg
DARK ORANGE 1004.jpg
GRAY 80270.jpg
LIGHT BEIGE 1005.jpg
LIGHT BROWN 2837.jpg
LIGHT BEIGE 1010.jpg
RED 1012.jpg
RED-BROWN 3685.jpg