Skoda Octavia A7 2013 - 2019
PRO business - 199 eur ( 5 seats)

The seat covers are made exactly according to the car model in ECO leather (STRONG). Durability 50,000 times. Durable and lightweight material. The average service life is 3-5 years. The seat covers do not interfere with the work of AIRBAG. When the car's rear seats are separated, the seat covers are made separately for each seat section. Eco-leather mimics the structure of the skin. This is a modern material and the aim of the manufacturers was to combine natural leather. Polyurethane does not emit harmful substances during use, hence the name "eco-leather"


The kit includes: Front seat covers, rear seat covers, head restraints, hooks, mounting instructions.

The seat cover is fitted with special hooks. Warranty 2 years

Classic - 199 eur 

Romb - 209 eur 

Exclusive - 229 eur