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Custom car seat covers in Europe
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Toyota Corolla 2000 - 2007 custom seat covers
The sewing of both seat covers is completed according to individual patterns designed for certain make, model, manufacture year and trim line of a car. Thanks to that the seat covers fit perfectly without disruption of interior functionality (airbags would go off, tables with armrests would drop and etc.). It doesn’t matter which car seat covers you choose, the interior would be protected and noticeably transformed. When designing the patterns, we copy the full original interior avoiding any simplifications. We often make it even more complicated by adding some elements not included in the original. In order to make the whole set tightened and fixed, a special frame is sewed in the seat covers so that it could fit closely to the original interior and duplicate entirely the seats relief.
Such kind of fixation allows 99% people to think that our seat covers represent the fully
reupholstered interior. When ordering Premium and Lux tailoring you are free to choose any color combinations (to choose some nontypical combinations), to order an ornamental stitch and etc.


The kit includes: Front seat covers, rear seat covers, head restraints, hooks, mounting instructions. 

 PRO  Business - 199 eur  (5 seats)
  • ECO leather
  • Wear resistance 50,000 times
  • Fabric-based leather
  • Average lifetime 3-5 years
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Compatible with the AIRBAG
  • All technological holes
  • Back pockets with zipper
Premium ECO leather imitates the structure of genuine leather. Does not emit harmful substances when used, hence and thename is "ECO leather"
Classik - 199 eur (5 seats)
Romb - 209 eur (5 seats)
Exclusive - 229 eur (5 seats)